theSkimm: News for a Woman On-the-Go



When my alarm goes off each morning, after mindlessly swiping a finger across my iPhone to silence the noise, there is one positive thing I can always count on. Amid the mass of emails that awaits me, theSkimm, with it’s quirky subject line, is always there ready to be opened. While rushing to an 8am class, we don’t all have time to read up on the previous day’s events, but each morning theSkimm so generously does that for me.

Two young women, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, quit their respective jobs at NBC News to start theSkimm. TheSkimm is a daily email service that tears apart the news each day to bring it’s readers a consolidated report that takes just a few minutes to read.  Their target reader is a woman in her 20’s or 30’s, well educated and career minded, “who knows enough to know she needs more.”  Their quirky writing style and vast coverage of every topic imaginable delivers an email each morning that aims to arm their readers with the information necessary to initiate conversations worthy only of someone who spent hours scouring every news outlet possible.

I’ve thought countless times about how difficult it would be to merely pick up and quit a fabulous, strong, and steady job (at a high profile company!) to risk it all starting your own business. TheSkimm did just that, and what’s more, they share pieces of their experiences (and mistakes) as young female entrepreneurs with their readers via their blog. I’ve found their path inspiring, and while men are constantly in the news for such bold moves, it’s about time women did the same and gained the recognition they deserve.

Nalani Genser

Northeastern University

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