Women and Dynamics: Reasons Why They’re Crucial


In the past decades, women have been actively fighting for an equal role in the modern day workforce. There has always been the constant struggle against stereotypes; men are more aggressive while women are more passive. Despite these differences, women have been able to successively prove themselves to be extremely influential in the modern day workforce.

The primary reason why women are crucial to every team is because they amp up group dynamics. Easily put, they’re team players. In 2005, New York research group Catalyst discovered that women are typically more supportive and rewarding, as opposed to men who are better at delegating and managing. Sure, women demonstrate higher levels of compassion, but we should remember that this helps team-building skills. No employer would want to skip out on that.

Secondly, women are persuasive. According to a study by Caliper, a professional services consulting company, women scored significantly higher than males in assertiveness and persuasiveness. This quality is significant in any workforce—it could almost make or break you in an interview. Not only is this skill desirable in improving group dynamics, it’ll prove helpful in customer service or marketing industries. In essence, women have proved themselves to be more than stereotypes:they’re persuasive team players.

Magdalene Cheung

University of California, San Diego

Link to the article: http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2012/05/25/How-Men-and-Women-Differ-in-the-Workplace.aspx#page1


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