Tech’s Fastest Growing Minority


Technology continues to grow as it changes the way people think, interact and learn. Studies done by Essence magazine and Pew show that black women use significant amounts of digital media for empowerment, self-expression and communication. According to an article written by Lisa Nicole, CEO of Inspired Life Media Group, tech’s fastest growing minority is black women; they provide “talent, innovation and insight to start-ups”. Lisa writes about the challenges faced when creating space for black women within the tech world and how companies can help with this process. There are currently challenges with education, visibility and mentorship. There are a few organizations such as Black Girls Code that teach young and preteen girls about programming, coding and other important forms of technology. However, majors such as Computer Science and Information Systems continue to not be extremely popular among black women.

What black women need are examples of successful women within the technology field. Black women need to be inspired and encouraged to enter the tech world. Companies need to make diversity a priority, avoid classification based solely on race or gender and support organizations that contribute to the growing presence of black women in technology. Technology is a fast growing industry that black women should be a part of. As a black woman interested in technology, I find it extremely hard to find classes and mentors to educate me on subjects such as programming and coding. When are the education systems going to catch up with growing industry trends? When are successful black women in technology going to break out of their shell and lend a helping hand? When are black girls going to see technology as a top career choice? 

Link to the article:


Ashley Murdock

Georgetown University

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