Hypocrisy in Women’s Movement– Wait, What?


Hey Girl, You don’t need Ryan Gosling´s help to get you through your day.

The Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes are created by women for women. These memes have gone viral; many women like to feel that they have a masculine yet sensitive man on their side. Phrases such as “Hey Girl, good luck on finals. I believe in you.” are accompanied by pictures of Gosling with smoldering eyes, a crooked smile, or sexy abs. Together those phrases and those oh-so-delicious photos have created an internet sensation. But have they helped or hurt women´s cause?

The “Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme” often supports a woman´s rights and her competency. In a way, Feminist Ryan Gosling supports the feminist movement. However, the idea of having a man as the centerpoint of a feminist movement is not only unsettling, but also hypocritical. Why is a man — more so a man who has admitted to have no affiliation with the memes other than the images being of him– the focal point of women’s expression? Ryan Gosling has responded to the memes with humor and a statement of distance, making it clear that he does not consider himself an integral part of the feminist movement.

You can learn more at: http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/604790/ryan-gosling-addresses-a-certain-internet-meme.jhtml

However, if women are looking for the support of men in the feminist movement (which should definitely be a goal) then women need to turn to men with an authentic voice of support–men like this anonymous guy who literally stands behind his statement. 


This man’s message epitomizes what women should strive for when including men in the movement–feminism should not be portrayed by an idolized man but instead by any and every man. “It should not be ´heroic´ or ´rare´ for men to advocate for women´s rights.” 

Perhaps we should center the movement around people we know are on our side. I’m suggesting we start a new trend. 


Maria Castano

Wellesley College

Second image from:

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