Think Big. Think Positive. Think Women.


I have read numerous articles telling me why there are not more women in business and holding higher management positions in organizations. Studies have shown that women are often more passive and do not communicate their vision as well as men. They aren’t as proactive as men and don’t ask for the promotions or higher positions. With all this negativity it can be hard for aspiring female business leaders to think that they will make it further than the middle-management level.

Emulating male leadership styles may sound like the right move but that isn’t necessary. What we have to do is focus on what women do well and what they can bring to the table. Women tend to demonstrate communal values such as being friendly, supporting and caring but they also score higher on organizational effectiveness criteria and are well prepared for meetings, which leads to better discussions and decisions. In addition, companies with more than three women in management positions tend to have better return on equity and assets than those with fewer women.

Though the odds and statistics are against us, if we remember that we are more than capable of succeeding at the top, the future of women in business can be reshaped into something much more positive. It won’t always be easy, but you don’t need to know everything. Be confident, bold, and ask questions. Don’t worry about what people think you are as a female leader, be the leader you know you are and can be.

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Nikita Ramanujam

Northwestern University

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