OgilvyOne China


I was introduced to ogilvydo.com as an intern in OgilvyOne China this summer, which is an exceptionally useful site to understand current marketing industry. For people who only know about Shanghai and Beijing, this specific article reviews one of the most important market opportunities in the world (though controversially) – China’s second to fourth tier cities with 200 million households consumers. It is interesting how Ogilvy&Mather dives into the Eastern World as an American advertising agency in the first place, has developed so many insights about the consumer markets in China, from their western perspectives – and I have to say everything described in this article is authentic and objective. Compared with consulting groups’ analysis (eg. Monitor), this article focuses more on specific consuming services and products, thus it is being more down to the ground and help to explain the situation in those cities better, with conclusion of practical strategies and implications.

As the world is becoming more globalized, learn about China’s and how other developing countries’ catch up those developed countries should be a must for an ambitious businesswoman, and every developing country have their own way to step forward. For those who are curious about China, and want to find more about the career track to work in China, read this to see if it scars you or excites you.

Yijia (Sophie) Wang

Tufts University

Link to article: http://www.ogilvydo.com/china-beyond-change-continuity/

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