Empowering Yourself Through Your Background: Spotlight on Morgan Missen


In today’s modern-day society, America is beginning to stress higher education more than ever, despite the fact that over 40% of college graduates remain unemployed. While there are debates over whether or not higher education improves your skill sets, there is one definite thing: college name is one of the first things recruiters look at.

For Morgan Missen, who was a Michigan State graduate, realized this quickly but did not let it hinder her at all. Missen explains how many big tech companies did not take her seriously because she did not attend an Ivy League university. Instead, she uses her background to her advantage. Having been the previous Rush Chair for her sorority, Sigma Kappa, Missen used these skills and became a recruiter for Yahoo, EA, and Cisco. After leaving FourSquare, Missen is now working on her startup called Main, which focuses on growing engineer teams.

In a world where we brand ourselves through commodities, college has also become another way we label ourselves. Like Missen, I challenge you all to let your backgrounds empower you, not hinder you. I encourage everyone to stay in school to learn—not simply for the sake of getting that A, but so that you can learn to create something new and great. Refuse to allow yourself live a retrospectively normal collegiate career!

Magdalene Cheung
University of California, San Diego

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