Just a Teaspoon of Inspiration!


Sometimes, a small spoonful of inspiration is all it takes to reach our greatest potential. Shane Schutte gives Real Business readers just that, a spoonful of motivating stories, in his post titled: Six women’s’ inspirational rags-to-riches stories. In his article, Schutte shares examples of how female entrepreneurs ranging from company owners to CEO’s made something from nothing with their determined attitudes and strong work ethic. The three following women have all had unique journeys, which lead them to their present success.

  • Ranked tenth on Forbes’ list of the most powerful women in the world, Indra Nooyi is the current Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo. Before achieving this prestigious position, she worked as a receptionist, and then slowly moved up the corporate ladder during her time with Johnson and Johnson, Motorola, Asea Brown Boveri, and many more.
  • “I was as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain without being homeless. But rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. “ – J.K. Rowling

This remarkable author is proof to the notion that persistence pays off. Rowling grew up in a poor family, and would escape her reality by burying herself in novels. She began creating fantasy stories at the age of five, and eventually created the character of Harry Potter on a train from Manchester to London. Rowling worked as a teacher, but was fired for daydreaming about a young Harry Potter. She was passionate about this character, and pursued publishers for years. Finally, after being rejected twelve times, her persistence resulted in the first Harry Potter book, leading the way for the best-selling novel and movie series in history.

  • Some people question the value of summer internships. Many students complain about the monetary value, while others are more disappointed with the learning experience as a whole. Ursula Burns, the current Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox, started out at the company as a summer intern and slowly made her way up to the top. In a recent article from The Wall Street Journal, Ursula gave readers pointers on how she achieved her career goals. Those that stood out to me were her suggestions to find an appropriate work-life balance, and not to take life too seriously. She advises readers to go back to the basics, and to remember the importance of health and well being above all.  These mantras lead Ursula to be the first African American woman to act as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, in addition to be ranked among the top twenty most powerful women by Forbes.  

Some of the key elements that tie together the women discussed in this article, as well as many other successful women around the world, are hard work, perseverance and passion.  Take those three ingredients, write them on strips of paper, and tape them to small teaspoons. Keep these teaspoons on your desk because after all, all you need to begin your very own success story is a dash of inspiration.


Sasha Cukier

Emory University


Shane Schutte’s Article:


Ursula Burns Interview:


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