Rent the Runway: Making Dreams a Reality

Rent the Runway was co- founded by two Harvard women in business, Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss in 2009. The business has grown into a huge success, being the first company to come up with the idea of allowing women all over the world to have their own ‘Cinderella moments’. The company is an online rental site that rents out runway designs for 10-15 percent of the actual price. Women can rent their fairytale dresses for an upcoming event without burning a hole in their pockets. Once they wear the dress they send it right back to Rent the Runway. These two women had this idea while studying together at Harvard and knew it would be a hit with girls everywhere. They were not afraid to start their own company and utilized each other’s skills in order to make Rent the Runway what it is today. Jenn and Jenny stand as an inspiration to young women everywhere who aspire to make their dreams a reality.

Jessica Klein

Syracuse University

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