Women and Sustainability


This article, called “Women and Sustainability: Taking a Lead in China,” by Wayne Visser, talks about numerous women who have been recognized for their efforts in the field. Some work for large companies and some have done it on their own, but they have all made a huge difference. According to the founder of the Centre for Responsible Business at University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, “companies that empower women are more likely to be companies that act sustainably.” These companies have incorporated green initiatives into their businesses and have moved toward more efficient ways of operating. Some believe that the reason women push towards this change is because of the social aspect. “Going green” has become a social movement and is regarded as a new, popular way to run a business or simply live one’s life. Therefore, because women are always looking for the new trendy way of life, sustainability has become bigger than ever in many businesses.

This article also talks about a particularly powerful woman. Her name is Zhang Yin. She is the founder of a recycling company in China and is now one of the wealthiest women in the world. Her company imports scraps of paper from the US and turns them into cardboard boxes to export Chinese goods. It quickly became a thriving business and is now one of the most popular recycling companies in the world. She is an inspiration to people because she worked hard and became extremely successful and because she is successful in a new, growing field.

            Women and sustainability is relevant to my life because I am majoring in environmental studies with a focus on sustainable development. To see these women make it so far in this field is exciting and ensures me that if I work hard I can make it far as well. I am very passionate about environmental studies and sustainable businesses and think that with more women like Zhang Yin, we can not only employ more women in business but also make the world a cleaner, sustainable place.


Jessica Menachemson

Bucknell University


Find the article at:  http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/china-women-sustainability-opportunities

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