Karolinska Institute: A Campus Event Preview

Hong Tran

As you all know, one of the responsibilities of Campus Ambassadors is to plan and host one event at respective campus. Our event at Karolinska Institute focuses on promoting women in leader positions within the Life Science Industry and the Healthcare Sector. Our objective is to inspire and motivate students at Karolinska Institute to take on leadership, but also to create a networking platform for young and experienced leaders.

Karolinska Institute is an old and well-known medical university in Sweden, yet it remains without student activities that establish a stable contact between the academy and the industry. We believe that our event will play an important role in changing the current situation. Women in Leadership 2013 highlights female leadership, which is a much discussed topic in Sweden. The organization Life Science Sweden has noted that extremely few women are sitting on the Life Science companies’ boards.

Five successful women are invited to speak. These women have accomplished a lot and are willing to share with the young students about their career stories, their experiences and how it is to be female leader.  The event will take place on the 26th September. We are working fully on marketing and  sponsorship. We aim to reach out to all students at Karolinska Institute. Traditional marketing materials such as flyers and posters are used but also the modern ones such as e-mails and social media. The participants could also register via QR-code, if they own a smart phone.

Sponsorship is possible in two different forms – product support or economical support. For example, if the sponsor is contributing with product samples, these product samples will be handed out together with flyers. We believe that such a marketing strategy could help to increase the excitement of the event.

Regarding the economical sponsorship, one should keep in mind that companies in most cases only get involved if there is a mutual exchange. They also want to know what they get for their support, so prepare a sponsor protocol to hand over.

It was a few short words about our campus event at Karolinska Institute. I am ending my blog post by wishing you all good luck with your own campus event.

Hong Tran

Karolinska Institute

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