Self-Made and Successful: Samata Angel

Samata Angel

If anyone knows how to dream big it is Samata Angel.  A self-made entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and designer, Samata was the first British female to showcase her work during he New York Nolcha Fashion Week, and has received several awards, including Cosmopolitan magazine’s Future Fashion Star of 2008, ‘Black Women in Europe: Power List 2010’, and Red magazine’s ‘One to Watch: Top 20 women under the age of 30’.

Her secret?  To me, what stands out are Samata’s big goals, creativity, willingness to take every opportunity available to her, and most importantly—a hard work ethic.  Her beginnings were, after all, not much different than any average college graduate.  Samata received her undergraduate degree in Economics, Finance and Management, but used the opportunity of living in London to get involved in the fashion scene: working with designers and networking as much as possible.  This set her up after completing her undergraduate degree to work in leadership roles within the fashion industry, such as Head of PR for a Chelsea 3 floor boutique and Head of Marketing for a Japanese clothing label.  These experiences gave Samata the confidence to then launch her own company, Samata’s Muse, which she funded by working several other jobs.  Her secret to success once started, in her words, was “work[ing] hard” and following through on “great opportunities”, including working for clients such as Jennifer Lopez and Dawn Richards, and being featured in publications such as LOOK, PRIDE, and Fashion Capital.

To me, the most remarkable thing about Samata’s story is not really her success once started—it is her humble beginnings.  Samata began as an average woman with no special position or connections—she had to rely on her talent, her instincts, and her work ethic to achieve the success that she ultimately did.

I think the message to take away from this is not her ending point and how “cool” her achievements are (although they are), but rather, to realize that we too have the potential to “be” Samata.  Maybe we will not achieve the status that she has, but until that point, we can give it our all—we can build ourselves up as much as physically possible: we can pursue our passions, grow our talents, build connections.  We can learn, but then we have to leap—that part is unavoidable.

But first, we must allow our “big dreams” to guide us.

Stephanie Wisner

Cornell University

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