Powerful Women and Women Colleges

Mt. Holyoke

A lot of the blog posts have been about support, tips and help when it comes to internship, networking, and a full time job after graduation. Yet, the preparation for all of these great adventures and challenges start as early as our college choice. Most women choose a college education but a few of us choose a women’s college. Personally I chose a women’s college and have gained so much and here is why.

There have plenty of amazing and powerful women that have shaped the world. There are a lot of these women that graduated from women colleges (most of these colleges were also found by women): Hilary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Emily Dickinson, Frances Perkins, Mona Sutphen, and Virginia Apgar just to name a few. There are a lot of statistics out there that support the great influence that women colleges have on their matriculated students.

Thinking about the correlation of women colleges and the amazing, powerful and strong women that graduate from these colleges, various relevant aspects come to mind. One that seems especially relevant in the industries that we have our sights set on. Only 2% of all women with four-year degrees graduate from women’s colleges, yet they occupy approximately 50% of the female-held positions in such traditionally male-dominated fields as medicine, law, and management.

Overall, there are different aspects that individuals retain from a women’s college education. A lot of us simply became more confident through being able to hold various leadership positions, being challenged by each other in a safe and very diverse environment and being able to choose male dominated fields while receiving a lot of support.

Yes, we have already chosen our given colleges for undergrad, yet it is important to remember that utilizing all of the tips that we have received from all the wonderful Campus Ambassadors all around the world and building a great network can truly get us anywhere, because along with our own power it is important to realize the assets of the women around us, as many women have done before us. So let’s all turn into Powerful Women.

Pia Matthes

Mount Holyoke College

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