Women, Change, and the World


In a world where change is the only constant and where there are rapid developments in every aspect of life on a daily basis, it is inevitable that we will all be constantly exposed to new careers. For all we know, a career that doesn’t even exist today may be the most in demand in a couple decades. As the world develops and globalization makes us more interconnected, yet creates new challenges, our needs as human beings are subject to constant change too.

As women, we are at the center of this change, as we balance our careers, our education, our families and the fact that everything is changing so rapidly. 

Alison Lewis, who was announced one of the most influential women in technology in 2010 by Fast Company, founded a fashion technology firm – Presence. Through this, she wanted to create unique experiences using fashion. At the age of 28, she learned electrical engineering from scratch, in order to accomplish this, because she had a passion for making and creating things that responded to people, that had value because they were from loved ones, and thought that the way to do this was through fashion technology. Her previous label as a “designer” however, did not limit her to follow her passion and become an electrical engineer too. The most inspiring thing is that she amalgamated her varying passions to create an environment for herself that she thought would be the most appropriate for her, and made a career out of that. 

As Danae Ringelmann – founder of IndieGoGo perfectly put it, that “It’s just been about following the dots, connecting with the needs right in front of you, paying attention to your nature and what is really bothering you on a day-to-day basis and then taking action about it.” When the worlds needs are constantly changing, and when different things arise that bother you on a day-to-day basis, it is only normal to change direction in terms of career paths or decisions and it is important to recognize that some of the most successful entrepreneurs have indeed, done so.


Salima Visram

McGill University


Article Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/singularity/2013/06/04/for-entrepreneurs-switching-careers-can-be-a-good-thing/

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