Defying that Fork in the Road



I often times wish I were an engineering major. Why you ask? Well because everywhere you turn, websites, magazines, and distant relatives keep saying that the absolute “best” college majors are those which make you the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Magazines like Forbes and distant relatives like Uncle Joe* (name changed for the good of my family) repeatedly drill into our minds that the engineering, math, and science majors are the most lucrative, and that everything else is basically a crapshoot when it comes to success after college.


So this puts me into a bit of a predicament, a fork in the road if you will. Because I am neither a biomedical engineering nor an applied mathematics major, my chances of “success” and “employment” after college are in fact dwindling according to the Forbes magazines and Uncle Joes of the world.


But then there are the Kat Coles. Kat Cole was planning to receive an engineering degree from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville when a very bizarre but unbelievable opportunity arose. She had the chance to open a Hooters Restaurant…in Australia. While most nineteen year olds, let alone forty-nine year olds, might be understandably hesitant to move to a completely new country with an enormous responsibility, Cole got her passport as soon as she could and caught a flight to Sydney the next day. Now she’s the president of the oh-so tasty cinnamon buns of Cinnabon.


Now we’ve all heard of the expression “one in a million” and it has been used over and over again to its exhaustion, but Kat Cole isn’t one in a million if you ask me. Cole is intelligent, brave, and most important, confident. Cole was confident enough to ignore the magazines and websites, and followed her gut, even though it wasn’t pulling her in the direction of math or science. Stories like Cole’s are not fairytales. They can be realities if one only tunes out the buzz from those telling them otherwise. Whether one’s a chemical engineering or English literature major, “success” (however you define it) can be achieved with a little hard work and the confidence to defy that fork in the road.     


Eniola Akintade

Tufts University

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